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Your personal comments are important to me. If you would like to submit your testimonial, please send me an e-mail with your full name and remarks to include on this page. I appreciate hearing from you.

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Aeriol: Hi there it is Aeriol here and this is my client Kim. I am just wanting to tell you a little bit about how Kim and I met. We met about nine years ago and at that point in time and after a little while we bought this home and she has been here about eight years and recently decided to do something different. So we sold the home and she is going to tell you a little story about using our services.

Kim: Yes, I called Aeriol to to help me sell my house because whenever she helped me buy the house, I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and I appreciated her advice and felt comfortable and trusted her advice and she was also very personable, so I knew she was taking an interest not just in buying a house for me, but also in my family and my family’s needs.

So, I called her to help me to sell my house now because my needs are changed and through that process she continued to be very personable and interested in my family and our needs. Her advice and recommendations in terms of pricing and perhaps some of the changes I needed to do in my house were invaluable and helped me sell my house, She is knowledgeable and skilful in what she does, but also allowed me to feel they were all my decisions because it was my home and she gave me the direction to take and allow me the freedom to make my own decisions within that direction.

Aeriol: Thank you, what were the top three things I did for you that you felt were the best?

Kim: The amount of marketing and exposure and the various formats that you offered for that. I had so many agents coming through here that was nearly on a daily basis, I had agents coming through here and they were coming from all different real estate offices.

Aeriol: Yes, we were able to attract a lot of attention with your personal website and Facebook, twitter and multimedia as well as the media. The number two thing?

Kim: It was the support that you gave me in terms of looking at the prices and helping me understand the market, transcend the market and how to price and what I can do within my house to match goals.

Aeriol: Okay anything else?

Kim: The third one back to the personality allowing me to feel that it was my decision, but then that you were there to give me the best advice and recommendation, I didn’t feel if I wanted to adjust the price that you were pressing me to adjust it in anyway or pressuring me to do that, so that was all fully my decision.

Aeriol: It is a little bit different market here than downtown. Great, well thanks Kim.

Kim: You are welcome.

Kim Martin

My story is that I grew up in Vancouver. I came to Toronto in 2005 and I decided to stay. So in 2007 I decided to look for a one bedroom condo. I had talked to a mortgage broker who I asked if he could recommend any real estate agents. He recommended Aeriol because apparently his son had bought a place with her, so I met with Aeriol and I was very surprised.

I really liked her approach. She worked by referral only, which meant that she spent her time making her customers happy. So part of that approach was Aeriol really took the time to understand what it is that I wanted, what I was looking for, and would help fill in the gaps with her experience in terms of even things I did not know what I was looking for. She knew what would make me happy and one of the things that I really agreed about was finding a place that I would be happy with for at least five years. It is impossible to find a place that you are going to be happy with for a much, much longer, but at least for the next five years it is important.

Aeriol helped to me find a place that I really liked and it fit all my needs but four years later I met my fiancé and my place was too small so we decided to get a two bedroom place together. I was very happy with Aeriol’s services from my first home buy, so we called up Aeriol and asked her to be our real estate agent as well as our mortgage broker, which was really nice because then we got a full package, a full home buying package and I really like Aeriol’s approach, she really listened to what we wanted, what we were looking for and Aeriol was also, she would also be concerned with things that we haven’t really thought of such as, you know how we are going to have kids within the next five years. It was nice that Aeriol was concerned that, she wanted us to have a place that we would be happy with for at least ten years this time around and so and again some of the invaluable things that Aeriol can provide us was she offered me a good advice on which neighborhoods were good, which builders were reputable. She could, based on her extensive experience, walk in more places and she would notice things like how well the building was kept, you know, all the certain amenities. There are all kinds of little things that Aeriol provided us to help us determine if it was a good quality place to live. We looked at many different places and eventually we found a place that we were very, very happy with and Aeriol continued to help us through brokering a mortgage. It was very nice to have all aspects of the home buying experience taking care of.

Johnny’s Testimonial on YouTube


It’s a little bit about “your personal realtor for life” . When I first read that I thought “Hmmm…”. My partner and I, at that time, were renting a beautiful, beautiful, walk-up in Forest Hill. We were very happy with it, but we argued and argued about which and when, what time to buy and who to go through, and so on and so forth. So, I picked up a real estate magazine and I saw Aeriol’s photo there and I just said I want her. I would say it was around July or August 1996 that I first met Aeriol. From then on, it’s just been a pleasure. She’s relieved so much tension. There’s been a lot going on in my life and from our first house we saw 37 houses and Aeriol had patience with me.
The first house she showed us was the one that we bought, because she knew. She knew that I wanted a Victorian. She knew our taste. She knew our lifestyle. She knew everything. It looked like Bosnia on the inside, she said. Look, look, look beyond that. We’re going to do amazing things with it, and we did. We bought the house for 174,000 , we sold it for 880,099 less than 10 years later. So, she knows her stuff.
Then, when unfortunately the house sold, I had to turn to Aeriol again to buy my condominium. And again, I looked at unit after unit after unit, house after house after house, she knew my taste. She knew what I wanted. She knew my lifestyle.
She also helped my aunt and uncle. Aeriol sold a 1.5 million dollar property overlooking St. George’s golf course at a time where they as well were going through some troubles and tribulations. You know, it’s not so much the sale, she takes the personal issue with her as well.
Aeriol is very compassionate andvery understanding whereas a lot of people wouldn’t have that understanding and Aeriol just takes it with her and does her job, but at the same token, she’s not just after the dollar. She wants everybody to feel comfortable. She wants everybody to feel good about what they’re doing and good in their lives. So, there’s never, ever another real estate agent I would ever use.
With this sale of my condo, unfortunately, I’ll be moving up province and it’s been a painful go of it. Aeriol’s been professional, compassionate, and just absolutely amazing. There were times when I didn’t think I was going to make it through. But, even in between the sales, Aireol has become a friend and personal realtor for life. I don’t know where she came up with that, but you know what, it’s the truth.
Denis’ Testimonial on You Tube

Denis Lever

We Bought A New Home And We Needed To Move Quickly – Aeriol Got our Loft Sold in Record Time!

Aeriol was my representative for the sale of my loft/condo in the Forest Hill area of Toronto. This was my first experience with the sale of a property after purchasing this unit directly from the builder 3 years earlier as a first time buyer. I chose Aeriol to represent me after screening numerous realtors because she was very honest, straight forward, and brought a vast portfolio of experience to the table.

Her marketing program was very thorough, heavily weighted in online exposure but utilizing key dates for print advertising in order to capture the largest audience for a niche property such as mine.

Being sure that my unit was going to sell quickly I purchased my “dream home” conditionally and soon after was forced to firm up or lose the property. Well I chose to firm up and low and behold I now was faced with the reality of having 2 mortgages should the condo not sell.

The pressure was on and much of it fell to Aeriol to make things happen. As a first timer going through this process I had moments of frustration and anxiety due to my own impulsive decision but Aeriol was always at the other end of the phone or email whenever I needed to speak with her to give me clarity or simply reassure me with the wisdom of experience. She always kept me in check as to anything that was going on and offering feedback from all those that toured my condo after viewings.

When all was said and done my unit sold within 6 weeks while all of the others in my building that had been listed for months sat without an offer. I ended up getting a little less then I was hoping for while making the profit that I needed in a market that was slowing down. Most importantly I ended up being able to move on free of the stress of carrying 2 homes within a relatively short space of time…thanks for everything Aeriol.

Sean Purdy

David Moved to Bancroft For Work

Dear Aeriol,

I would like to thank you for the work you did to sell my house on Augusta Avenue in October-November 2007. With the research you provided we were able to come to an optimal listing price which encouraged viewings by a number of people. The work done to show the place through the various media did encourage interest in the place as well.

Although we had stated that bids would not be considered until the Saturday, the ultimate purchasers were so impressed with the place that the jumped the gun and put in a firm offer on the Thursday for $25,000 over asking. Through your efforts we were able to determine that the bid was ideal so we went with it. You were also very helpful in ensuring that the deal proceeded smoothly after the agreement was executed.

Thanks so much. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is thinking about buying or selling their house in the future.

David J. Ardern
Robert C. Henderson and Associates
Barristers and Solicitors

It has been an interesting process. My partner and I first met with Aeriol almost 4 years ago. At that time we were just in the beginning stages of thinking about buying our first home. At first we just wanted information on how to buy a home. Aeriol sent us listings to help us get a feel for the market so we would know what homes were selling for and what we could buy for money.

We explained that we were probably a few years off from purchasing. Aeriol was not concerned and offered to keep us up to date anyway. She sent us monthly newsletters with first home buyer information. We got mortgage info, home inspection info, and what to look out for when we bought. I was amazed that it kept on coming.

Eventually we met and had a first time home buyers consultation. We reviewed how to finance a home and what we would have to do to look good to the bank so we could obtain the mortgage we needed. This enabled us to develop a plan.

We decided to stop looking for a period of times as we were undecided in our personal lives as to what we wanted to do next. I was seriously growing in my career and things were changing rapidly. I had to commit myself to what I had in front of me.

My partner and I got married. That suddenly brought a whole new seriousness to our lives. We suddenly wanted to buy a home.

We contacted Aeriol. She sent us listings and we had another consultation to do our mortgage applications. Once we got our finances organized and mortgage in place we were able to go forward and buy our first home.

It was quite an up and down process for a few years where we were not sure of our direction. Aeriol stuck with us from start to finish. She totally steered us in the right direction. She gave us both personal and business advice that was right on.

We would highly recommend Aeriol to any of our friends, associates, or relatives for a great real estate experience.

Markus Bastig
Corporate Concept Chef
Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill

Dear all,

Nathalie, our kids and I wanted to take the time to thank you for your efforts and assistance with the purchase of our new house. I picked up the keys yesterday and we’ll be moving in Saturday. Needless to say, we’re excited!!

Again, thanks for everything, it wouldn’t have been possible without you. ?



Thank you Aeriol,
We came to you to sell our house during the economic downturn. We had considered a discount broker but decided to go with you based on the expert advice and experience that you offer.
Our house was the last in our development to be listed but thanks to your pricing strategy, staging tips and sound advice, we were the first to sell very close to asking, before that the market slipped further.
To anyone looking for an agent with a realistic grounded approach, who is friendly and effective, we highly recommend Aeriol Nicols. This was the second transaction we did with her and should we need to do any other RE business in the GTA, we know who to call.
Laurent B. & Nathalie B

Good Morning Aeriol,

Thank for the workshop last night, Brendan and I learned a lot. Sorry to have left so abruptly, we are interested in pursuing a purchase in the near future. We’ll keep in touch, we were definitely impressed by what the team has to offer.


Lisa Brodeur

Aeriol…. We would like to thank you for making our experience of selling two houses and buying one as painless as possible. We appreciate that you gave us as much information as we needed at each stage, while letting us make our own decisions. Also, that we were able to proceed with the process at a pace that suited us. We found that you were very knowledgeable about the market conditions and what it would take to get the best possible price for the sales and purchase. We are enjoying making our new house our home.

Caroline Frei and Mike Johns

Thank you for all your help and support you have given us in the past years! We bought our first house with your help seven years ago, and you have kept in touch with us ever since in a very natural way. You dropped by with a pumpkin at Halloween, you sent us a Christmas CD with a card, and you kept us informed about the real estate market by sending us your news letters and e-mail. Now I really know what you meant by “Your Real Estate Agent For Life“ When Dan go a new job and we decided to move to Guelph, it was very natural for both of us to call you and ask for your help with selling our home. Again, we have received quality, fast, and professional service. We sold our house ion record time, and way over the asking price…! You gave us valuable advice on lawyers, about negotiation tips buying our next house and even little tricks about moving (“Rent a hotel room for a few days, and enjoy it…!“) Once again, thank you for your help! Should we decide to move back to Toronto one day, we will definitely knock on your door… Best Wishes,Susan Varga and Dan Dunleavy

Susan Varga and Dan Dunleavy

A note to thank you for your outstanding services. Milton and I were both pleased and surprised with the speed and ease of the results you accomplished in marketing our home.

Peggy & Milton Albright

Anyone who can sell a house in 12 days when the market is at an all time low really knows their business. Your professionalism and keen business sense were outstanding in the sale of our house.

Sherry & Doug Lawr

The thing that most impressed me was the candor and honesty with which you treated me. Everything was spelled out clearly in terms of what I should expect from, you. Once the deal was signed , you did not disappear as some realtors do; you kept in touch and ensured a smooth transition.

Dan Caldwell

Aeriol was highly recommended to us by close friends. We had been with another agent three months earlier who failed to secure a deal we were working on. We were becoming frustrated and were quite pleased to meet Aeriol Her professionalism and years of experience helped us buy our dream home and sell ours in record time and for top dollar. Her efficiency and sense of humour were greatly appreciated. We would highly recommend Aeriol to anyone looking for an agent to buy or sell a home.

Judy and Doug Barron

We had an unusual house, very small but with distinctive features suited only to a specific buyer. There was no garage, no parking and few spaces suitable for conversion to bedrooms. We needed an agent with access to such clients as might see and appreciate the property. And we needed time to find the right buyer. I wasn`t about to sell the house I worked for years on, to someone with no appreciation of what we had built. All in all, a tall order for a top gun. Aeriol impressed us with her enthusiasm, optimism and good common sense approach. She knew the territory and the agents who would likely help her find our elusive client. It had to be a downtown person or someone coming in from another big city.We found our match in about 2 months. Perfect. You might think luck had something to do with it. You are right. We got lucky when we signed Aeriol. I`m sure she doesn`t want to need to get lucky every day. But luck finds those who work at being good. Thank you, Aeriol

Charles La Pointe and Irene Simkin

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